Friday, September 9, 2011

The Last Supper

After three years of fighting insurance companies and finally giving up, I am doing it. I am getting "banded" as people in the know call it. Yes, lap-band surgery. The surgery I only thought weak, morbidly obese people get. I guess it never occurred to me that I could be one of those people. I am excited, nervous, scared and wondering what this could mean for the second half of my life. It's a pretty major change like getting married, divorced or changing gynecologists. I have had the same person looking at my vagina for eight years...but I digress.

My surgery date is September 27th. The anticipation is like that of a first date with a guy you really like. You are balancing the same fears of, "Will he like me?" "Will I like him?" "Will I get laid when this is over?" Clearly, that is the real goal of this surgery. I want to look good naked. Hopefully, that's a reasonable request!

I went to Texas de Brazil for my "Last Supper". I gorged on various meat and pork products to the point of illness. Damn it! I love food! Am I ready to give up the occasional buffet of overindulgence for my looks? And don't give me that bullshit about my health. I have been obese (I hate that word...but it's true) for 18 years. I have not had one, single health issue due to my weight. I am doing this for the looks and that's it. Is that an OK reason? starts my journey. A fat girl's quest to be born again as a skinny girl!


  1. It's a perfectly reasonable reason...

    My ineliquence aside, this is not a choice for the weak or lazy. It is a massive dedication and can be the most trying period of your life! But if skinny was easy, then everyone would be. Just remain realistic as you go through recovery and adapting to the new food reality. There are smart ways to indulge, but an infrastructure of will power must be in place first. And for heaven's sake, add me on Xbox live so we can have epic dance battles!

    Love ya, cuz!

  2. I have studied this surgery for years as well. I have also had insurance battles (as well as no insurance during those unemployment times) and I am so happy that you get this chance! Maybe my chance will come someday as well. Good luck!